WEEK 1 Master Key : The struggle is real.

This is my very first blog ever, so welcome. The resistant is real. As I started to follow the direction that I was given in week 1 workbook my mind came under attack. I was bombard with rationalization and reason that I should stop, or maybe do this at another time when it’s more convenient. Am I being brain washed? Is this the first steps that people go through before the pack their bags for their cult vacation. I am mostly kidding, but not much. I started to think could the man that everyone has always said had a good head on his shoulder secretly crazy? When trying to sit still, I could not believe how fracture my mind is, and the funny thing is is that I am an optimist. If you where to ask my friend I am the one they come to to be uplifted. Another discovery that I made is during this quite time I though of a person that I am close to. I could not understand why my body had such a negative feeling a reaction to this thought. I was glade that I had already braced my body not to move because my mind was able to analyze this from a distance .Feeling my body like this was like watching a teen that completely over reacts to a spiders. So this brings me to a question, does are body have a physical reaction to people we come in contact with on a daily basis with out our minds knowledge. And if that is true, what about situations? ¬†What do you think?