Week 5 How big is your yard?

This week we held our annual Halloween party. It’s a pretty big event in the Matthews’s home. Warning if you are ever thinking of having an annual party, don’t’ because once you get started the community will never let you stop. I mean NEVER!!!. So at the end of the party one of the many toils I get to face is loading all the tables and chairs up and returning them  back to where ever in the world we got them. That in itself takes scheduling. So I had finally reach the end of my deliveries at my in-laws house. They have this incredible huge beast of a dog.   Just today on the internet I saw these picture of these cow that have been fed steroids since birth. That what this dog looks like,only all black. The dog’s name is DOZER, if that gives you any idea.  So this bull of a dog just walks around freely on this property. This dog is one of the nicest dogs in the world. However because of his size even his love hurts alittle. I found the trick is to pet the dog before the dog thinks to “nudge” your side for attention. The other amazing thing about this dog is ,that despite not having a fence or any barrier he never leaves his acer of a  backyard. In truth if I had a shock collar that would give me a shock I could hear, I would not leave my backyard either. I know that his shock collar has not worked for over a year, yet he know exactly where to stop. So I am guessing you know my question before even have to ask. Your going to make me ask aren’t you. What mental shock collar keeps you stuck in the backyard of your life? Please share.


5 thoughts on “Week 5 How big is your yard?

  1. Great question. There’s actually 2 answers. Never leave the backyard or figure out how to get the shock collar off your neck. I’m the type that, after getting shocked a few times, I would figure out how to get the collar off my neck, and then venture out a little way. And each time after that, I would venture out a little farther each time, always being able to find my way back home. Now, to figure out what is actually holding me back is exactly why I’m taking this course!

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  2. A thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Abdulla. Our collar is the same as that responsible for turning people into sheeple. The BP passed down to us via heredity, and further programmed into us by the politicized environment we live in.


  3. Oh wow, what a great question! I didn’t see it coming. I grew up in a upper midwestern town of mostly Scandinavian descent, and in a Lutheran church to boot. When at home last summer, I had afternoon tea with some now-elderly neighbors and heard a phrase I hadn’t heard since childhood. “Don’t get the big head.” We were not to do anything to stand out or to have pride, because that would mean we thought we were better than everyone else. Wow, until then, I hadn’t realized what a gigantic impact that had had on us growing up… and probably still does. Tall poppy syndrome.


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