Week 4 – Dancing to the beat of a new drum.

I have to say that things are going pretty well. At least this is how I was feeling as I was driving an hour to my doctor’s appointment. My old blue print is pretty crafty. Let me explain. Often when I drive I listen to my Pandora radio station. Now that I am in my 30’s I find that I do like a lot of different types of music. I do like Hip-hop, but I find that I don’t listen to it as much as I use to. Today I was feeling so good that I thought what the heck and put on a station named 90’s Hip-Hop. Man! All the hits one after another. Memories flooded back and my mood was at an all-time high. I imagined to myself that I was kicked back in a chair tittering on two legs with my feet on the desk and cold drink in my hand letting the music play not a care in the world. All the lyric came back to me as if I wrote the raps myself. “Rolling down the street smoking indo sipping on…” Then I saw a rectangle blue sign as I drove. The image of me laid back in the chair changed or more accurately   was added to by the subby. A silver shield badged was add to my chest and the cold drink was replaced by a ring of keys. I thought “Oh $h!# who’s guarding the subby” Each word of the lyric after that was like angry inmates smashing their food trays against the bars. Because of the Master key stillness exercise I was able to quickly close the crash gates on the unchecked influences passing right in front of the “guard at the gate” to the subby. Not on my watch! What old blue print influences are still at the gates of your subby? Please share.


3 thoughts on “Week 4 – Dancing to the beat of a new drum.

  1. Do I read that you are in law-enforcement or is that just an incredible vision? The guard to my subby comes in daily Bible readings, which not surprisingly are similar to what we are reading in the Keys. I feel I am getting double doses. “I am what I will to be”. Keep on pressing on! Awesome visual!!

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  2. Oh wow, such a beautiful insight!! I might add you are an awesome story teller… you got me on that one, I pictured myself in your story. The epiphanies just keep coming. I just hope Subby is keeping track of all of them for me.


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