Week 3 – Welcome to the Magic Show

I remember watching a magic show on tv one night. There was man and a woman sitting at a bar having a conversation. The camera kept panning back in forth between while show everything that was happening in the background. Once the skit was over the show announcer asked the tv viewer (me) if I notice what  changed. When they rewind the scene only then did I notice all of the thing that they change right before my eyes. Thing are really going well in my life right now. I really can’t explain it. I have been doing a lot of thinking as I am sure all of us have been. So here is what I have been thinking. What came first, attention or creation? In these last 3 weeks, have these great things in my life always been there and I am now just noticing them? Or have I created them and attract them into existences? What do you think? Is this happening to anyone else?


3 thoughts on “Week 3 – Welcome to the Magic Show

  1. I can relate and I am so happy for you.

    I feel compelled to share a wonderful story of mine with you that only occurred today. I met with a person for the second time and after some discussion he said “If you died tomorrow you would be leaving a wonderful legacy” Considering Legacy is one of my PPNs this affirmed to me that I am already creating it. It’s an awesome feeling.


  2. Magic is focusing people’s attention away from an action that you don’t want them to see. As you stated, where has your attention been focused. It’s the same principle when I bought my Jeep Liberty. All of a sudden I started seeing Jeep Liberties every time I was driving.


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